After a long think, I've changed the whole layout of my site. There were so many browser problems with the old version that it wasn't funny. And I needed the practice. Tell me what you think!

I've removed the forum for good. I really didn't need it! In its place I have finally created some "adopt me's". These are little buttons that blink, that you can adopt. Check them out HERE or click the link on the menu.

After heaps of hickups with my old host I've found a new place to call home To celebrate, I've changed the layout and some of the graphics. Let me know what you think!!

Added two new pages! You can now download my Sims© Skins and MIDI files! Also added a forum to the site - Please join!

Re-arranged the avatar listing style. Finally, I've managed it so you can select avatars per character. Added about 40 new avatars to the avatars section. New links added. New wallpaper added, and all the links to the old wallpapers are fixed!


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