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Webmistress Elvellon

Hi there! For anyone interested, this is the boring part of a website where the owner and creator tells other people a little about themselves. For the nosey, I guess! But if people didn’t want others to know what they’re like, they wouldn’t include this page…simple.

Alright, enough waffle. My name is Abby, I was born in 1985. I enjoy horse riding, art, music, computers, collecting and so much more…which would probably only bore you to death! I live in Australia in a sleepy little place that is officially called a “Shire”, which coincidently is also the name of my favourite place in J.R.R Tolkien’s fantasy fiction: The Lord of the Rings.

I read the books for the first time a year before the first movie (The Fellowship of the Ring) was released, and, once I realized just how amazing the world of Middle Earth was I was drawn into the LOTR paraphernalia. I joined online discussion groups, forums, web rings, official and non official sites….until creativity took the better of me and I decided to make this little site. But be warned, lol, my Sindarin is still very scratchy!

I love making graphics, so I got cracking on creating banners, avatars, wallpapers, animations, and anything else I could sink my teeth into. Hence the theme of this site. So, I thank you for even bothering to read this page (I know I am not one to read others unless I am really curious! Lol) and I hope that there is something here that takes your fancy. Remember, you can ask to have a banner, av, wallpaper etc. made for you. I am always happy to work on a new project.


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